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about us

addressing an important civic problem

the problem: low voter turnout

Low voter turnout is not a conservative problem or a liberal problem. It’s an American problem.

The United States ranks only 138th out of 172 democracies around the world for voter turnout, with over 28 million people eligible and registered to vote, yet never doing so.

we believe access to transportation can help.

In a typical presidential election, fewer than 60% of voters show up to the polls. Assuming 40% (60 million people) do not vote and 3% of these people lack transportation, then approximately 1.8 million people might vote if offered a ride on Election Day.

that's why we created VoterDrive.

VoterDrive is a new, groundbreaking, turn-key and fully bi-partisan GOTV solution using Uber, our preferred ride-sharing service, to get voters to the polls.